Evernote + 3M’s Post It Notes, an example of sponsored functionality

In my review of Jay Baer’s book, Youtility, I talked about the opportunities available to brands to sponsor or co-develop elements of functionality on 3rd party platforms rather than just their own and here’s a prime example:

Evernote + 3M’s Post It Notes

Evernote and 3M's Post It Notes' sponsored functionality

Evernote and 3M’s Post It Notes’ sponsored functionality

As TechRadar puts it:

Evernote is partnering with 3M to give the iconic Post-it Note “a digital life.” Evernote for iOS 7 will see a new Post-it Note camera [in the Evernote Marketplace], letting users take multiple photos of physical Post-its in a single go and transferring the data just as it does other notes.

The Post-it Note camera will also recognize different colored Post-its as having assigned meanings to better organize your scribbles.

Evernote has also produced physical Post-it Note holders as a ‘real-world’ reminder of the two brands’ collaboration. I’m looking forward to more examples of sponsored functionality which I will post here.